Channelling my inner Chumbawamba

This month was my 2-year anniversary at C4S Search, having joined as an experienced Recruitment Consultant in January 2018.

I’d previously worked within a corporate recruitment environment for 18 months at a Global agency where quite frankly.. I’d failed. It was my first “proper job” and I’d given it a good go, but the environment just wasn’t for me. I left there low on confidence, feeling battered and bruised by the world of recruitment!

Having left there, I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do, but having spoken to Amy in the internal Talent team at C4S Search, I was persuaded to come in and meet the team! I was up front and honest that I hadn’t been the best “biller” in my previous role but was assured by Ben & Ryan that they’d help change that. Straight away I was impressed by the culture and vision of the company having met with various members of the team. Therefore, I thought I would give it a shot…. And I’m certainly glad I did.

The Legacy program I was put on at the beginning was superb and much more tailored to my desk and industry than previous training I’d had in my last role. Being an independent consultancy, the values and ethos of the company meant that I wasn’t just “banging the phones” from dusk till dawn but instead given the flexibility to build my desk in the way I wanted to (with guidance of course).

At the end of my first year I was promoted to Senior Consultant and enrolled on the 6-month Legacy+ program, which was designed for consultants who want to pursue a Leadership route. This program involved various outside speakers coming in to talk about their experiences with Leadership, as well as completing personality and behavioral trait assessments to highlight what type of leader we would be (As a Psychology graduate, I really enjoyed this part of the program). After the 6 months, I’d hit the criteria to be promoted to Lead Consultant and am now growing my own team!

C4S Search has come a long way, even in the two years I have been here. We’ve moved from a small corner office to our lovely HQ, there’s been countless promotions, many a night out (some best forgotten), a wedding (that was mine, what a night), there’s babies on the way, consultants buying their first home. It’s a great place to work and I’m so pleased I decided to join!

I’m nowhere near the finished article as a recruiter, but I’m proud of what I’ve achieved over the last two years, having joined C4S Search with zero confidence in my ability and been knocked down previously!

  • 2 promotions in 2 years
  • Leaders Club trip to Portugal
  • 2 Consultant of the quarter awards
  • Best banter in the office award (I’m still waiting for the award on this one)

Thank you to EVERYONE at C4S Search who has helped me in the last two years, I’ve had a blast and look forward to what the next 2 years holds for us!

By Chris Lucas – Lead IT Consultant