“Our people make our culture. Our values reflect the way that we work. Our culture is what makes us.” 

A big part of 2017 was creating and implementing the Values across the company and the team to make sure we all Live and Breathe by them. Our first Values Day took place on Friday 2nd February 2018 and will continue each quarter. The day has been designed around each Value to emphasise the importance of each Value and what it means.


The morning kicked off with our first value, GROW GREAT.

Our Directors ran a session on ‘How to sell the business’. We believe it is so important to sell the business in the correct way, to know where C4S Started and where we are heading and to make sure that our consultants can present how different and unique we are.


“Proud of the past, focused on the present, prepared for the future”

We continued the day focusing on our second value LIVE IT BREATHE IT. Our main focus was “How bad do you want it?” A video that has supported motivation in the history of C4S.

“Commit to being a success”

For the first time, C4S Search decided to invest in some branded goods and tied this in with LIVE IT BREATHE IT. We wanted to make sure our Values, Mission Statement and our C4S Standard were visible in the office. Be Awesome being our internal message.

Grow Great. Change Lives.

This is the bigger picture. Our Mission. Our why!

This statement applies both internally and externally! Grow Great – we don’t want to be the biggest company in the world… we want to be the best! Which means hiring, training and retaining the best consultants on the market. Change Lives – we aim to change the lives of our staff for the better!

Externally, our focus is on ‘growing great’ again, rather than just growing big! Where some use size as a differentiator, we have concentrated on delivery to our clients first. which in turn, also helps our clients to Grow Great!


Our value AVERAGE SUCKS. is something we strongly believe in. Who wants to be average? “I understand that hard work is the cornerstone of every person that has achieved greatness. Not only do I understand this, but I am also committed to being the hardest working person in the room to ensure I achieve greatness myself.”

“The harder you work the luckier you get”


At C4S we much believe in work hard, play hard. “I promise to come into work with a smile on my face every single day”. To ensure we enjoy our day-to-day we have recently introduced the C4S Wheel of Fortune to the team. Something we will use for competitions that will hold a number of prizes and forfeits and also to be used for our Business Development hours to choose a focus. We’ve now implemented Birthdays Off for the team and also Beer Fridge Friday.

“Life is better when you’re laughing”

We celebrated our first 2 consultants to hit the yearly target and are on the #RoadtoPortugal.

Our consultants are competing to get to Portugal 2018 and for all our newbies we have a Golden Ticket available. Each year the guys get a chance to compete to get to our all-expenses paid long weekend away, this year being #Portugal2018 we are thinking Marbella or Paris.

Our C4S Leader board tracks the consultant’s current billings, so the team can see who’s qualified and who’s on the way to the top!

Our values reflect the way that we work. Our culture is what makes us.

We are looking forward to our next Values day next quarter and have lots of ideas that will shape the day! Do you want to be a part of our next Values Day?