Digital Marketing and Technology is at the heart of everything we do, let’s face it, it’s a way of life. Marketers are having to move quickly, stay up to date with not only Google updates but also the ever-evolving social channels to ensure their campaigns are at the forefront of the consumers mind and maximising user experience.

One of the largest trends within marketing right now is Content Marketing; consumers are becoming more demanding, spending 30% of time online, 60% of that time is spent on social media using a mobile device; typically split up across Youtube, Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram and Twitter. This calls for short, engaging yet valuable content to be mobile optimised and distributed across multiple channels.

When creating content or copy the best advice would be;

  • Have a defined marketing persona – know your audience and play to that
  • Keep things simple – quick and easy content will engage your audience
  • Support key points with facts
  • Have a clear call to action – create a ‘next step’
  • Refine and delete
  • Proof read – never make a mistake!

Content will never let you down, it has been used since cavemen were drawing on walls to sell sticks and is continually evolving, some large brands have really got it right when it comes to content strategies;

Rolex for example has a strong content strategy creating minimalistic, sophisticated content across all channels which very much fits in with its brand; prestigious and sleek, attention to detail and appreciation to quality.

Whole Foods offer a very different approach, rather than bombarding their customers with offers and deals they engage and communicate based purely on content. Writing articles on eating healthy and dieting which will attract new customers but ultimately will retain their existing customers. They also provide food photos and recipes across all social channels which incorporates and promotes their own products and deals.

Innocent drinks are a natural leader when it comes to their distinctive content marketing strategy, they have created a tone of voice which completely emulates the brand, achieving this in a few simple steps by being their customers friend… creating personable content as if speaking to them in person, ensuring there is an element of humour and inspiring an emotional reaction.